Filippov optimistic about the next day of Greek volleyball

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Dmytro "Dima" Filippov is one of the most useful players in Greece at this year's Eurovolley. The experienced setter speaks exclusively to delineating the team's goals and explaining his experience to strong opponents.

“The competition is excellent at all levels and this helps players to perform even better. From our group certainly stands out France and Italy who have been in the elite of world volleyball in recent years.

It is a success in Greece that returns to such a great event after 10 years and our involvement with great players adds to our experiences and performances which is evident from the way my teammates play.

I am not hiding that Greece has been on the sidelines in recent years but we are all striving for the best and we definitely need support to make progress and to have a permanent presence in major events.

Qualifying for the “Top 16” teams in Europe will depend on the results we have against Romania and Portugal. I believe we have all the prerequisites to play well and achieve our goal.

The team's weapon is the “side-out” game but also the “defense” but we certainly have plenty of room for improvement. We stand out from the way we played against Italy and looked at it fearlessly taking a set and claiming a second”

He is generally optimistic about the next day of Greek volleyball.

Source: - John Ranios

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