Hellenic Federation lay foundations for Volleyball to grow on Kastellorizo

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Athens, Greece, November 4, 2020. There is a tiny island in the eastern Mediterranean called Kastellorizo, a very remote one, which many regard as among the most beautiful ones in Greece. Kastellorizo has a population of 300 inhabitants only and they need to travel for five hours by boat to make it to the nearest large island, Rhodes. There are no clubs and no sports facilities. However, the 62 children who live on the island enjoy playing Volleyball during their free time at school.

They asked the Greek government to support their activities with the provision of an indoor hall, but the lack of sports facilities is not their only problem. The kids living on the island have never played a game against an opponent in any sport, but even if they could, they would need to spend some 10 hours on the ship, as long as the weather conditions permit them to travel.

Kastellorizo, which keeps the Greek tradition intact, recently enjoyed the visit paid by a delegation from the Hellenic Volleyball Federation - and more specifically by Treasurer Takis Kavallierakis, the Vice President of the Dodecanese Local Committee, Nikolaos Koukias and federal coaches Kostas Gkountas and Christos Dozis. The Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has committed to the creation of a sports facility at Kastellorizo and the Hellenic Volleyball Federation has delivered sports equipment with nets and balls for the kids to be able to play the game.

“It was our obligation to visit Kastellorizo, to meet the children and to inform them about the sport of Volleyball and of course to provide them with sports equipment such as nets and balls so that they can play and learn more about the game,” said Hellenic Volleyball Federation Treasurer Takis Kavallierakis.

Shocking and spontaneous is the attitude of 17-year-old student Nikos who fights alone on an island located 72 nautical miles southeast of Rhodes and without having a facility to train in sports. “The fact that there are no facilities makes it very difficult, but I continue trying with what I have at my disposal to achieve my goal. It is difficult but diamonds are formed under pressure,” Nikos said.

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