Hellenic Volleyball Federation participates in the European program iSports of the Erasmus+


For the first time and on the occasion of The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25th of November) , Hellenic Volleyball Federation is pleased to announce its participation in the two-year European program iSports of the Erasmus+.

The iSports project main objective is to develop a holistic approach for the protection of young athletes from any form of sexual harassment, empowering sport professionals, young athletes and sport clubs towards sexual harassment detection, prevention, and combat in 4 EU Member States and Turkey.

The purpose of the program is:

-Address gaps in policy and service provision inside sports clubs, focusing on detecting reporting and preventing of sexual harassment, as part of a holistic young athletes protection approach.

- Support the capacity building of sport professionals, athletes and parents regarding their risks and rights, as well as the detection, management and prevention of sexual harassment.

- Put in place sustainable and transferable mechanism to support young athletes.

- Raise awareness of sport professionals, athletes and parents, sports associations, as well as of the community, on detecting- reporting and preventing of sexual harassment.

- Contribute to sport-specific policymaking.

Leader of the 11-member group and coordinator of the project is University of Thessaly, while the other members are Hellenic Volleyball Federation, Champions Factory Ireland Limited, L’Orma, Organizzazione Per l'Educazione allo Sport, Centre for Social Innovation, Frederick University, Symplexis, Helping Hand, Sustainable Development Association/ Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi and Unye Gucu Futbol Kulubu Dernegi/ Ünye Gücü Futbol Kulübü Derneği.

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