Greek women’s national league off to exciting start

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Athens, Greece, November 13, 2019. The Greek women’s national league is underway and after four rounds, the 12 contenders are promising to all Volleyball fans around the country more exciting games during the 2019-2020 season.

AO Thiras SANTORINI (pictured) remain the only team to have not dropped a single point after four games and, under the leadership of their Cuban opposite Yaremis Mendaro Leyva will try next Saturday to extend their winning streak going up against Panathinaikos ATHENS.

Titleholders Olympiacos PIRAEUS have already lost two points so far this season, namely against Pannaxiakos NAXOS on home ground and against Panathinaikos ATHENS. Saskia Hippe, the German opposite hitter of Olympiacos, who suffered a partial rupture of the Achilles tendon last season, came back even stronger and she currently leads the championship in scoring with 81 points in four matches she has played this far.

Round 5 matches

Pannaxiakos NAXOS vs. Aris THESSALONIKI
Panathinaikos ATHENS vs. AO Thiras SANTORINI
Thetida Voulas vs. Ilioupoli
Ilisiakos vs. Olympiacos PIRAEUS
Porfiras vs. AO Markopoulou

Current standing (including ranking points, sets won and lost)

1. AO Thiras SANTORINI 12p. (12-2)
2. Olympiacos PIRAEUS 10p. (12-5)
3. Thetida Voulas 9p. (10-5)
4. Panathinaikos ATHENS 9p. (11-6)
6. Pannaxiakos NAXOS 7p. (8-6)
7. AO Markopoulou 6p. (7-6)
8. Aris THESSALONIKI 6p. (7-6)
9. Porfiras 3p. (4-10)
10. Ilisiakos 3p. (3-9)
11. Aias Evosmou 0p. (2-12)
12. Ilioupoli ATHENS 0p. (0-12)

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