Iconic venue hosts 2nd Masters tournament of 2022 Panhellenic Championship in Thessaloniki

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Iasonas Kanellos and Angelos Mandilaris kept their unbeaten record in 2022 at the iconic Aristotelous Square in the centre of Thessaloniki, where the second Masters tournament of the 2022 Panhellenic Beach Volleyball Championship took place this past weekend after the season opener in Athens. In the women’s competition, Dimitra Manavi and Mirto Kalamaridou triumphed and secured the gold medal in front of their home crowd.

For the fourth time in the last ten years, Aristotelous Square hosted a stop of the Panhellenic Beach Volleyball Championship, but for the first time this year, two courts were set up in the central square of Thessaloniki.

Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, the people filled the stands throughout the event and enjoyed a high-level spectacle.

In the men’s final, Kanellos and Mandilaris beat Thodoris Papadimitriou and Panagiotis Ioannidis 2-0 (21-16, 21-15), thus winning their second Masters tournament of the season to stay undefeated in this year’s Panhellenic Beach Volleyball Championship.

In the women’s final, Manavi and Kalamaridou managed to dispose of Vasiliki Matiadi and Ioanna Parisaki by 2-0 (21-17, 21-12) to win their first Masters tournament as a duo.

Both winning teams will participate in the Beach Pro Tour Futures tournament in Ios coming up later this week.

"It was an amazing weekend in the most beautiful square of Thessaloniki. We had great games and many people attended the event. Our goal is the further upgrade of sports and Beach Volleyball is in our plans for the coming years as well" said the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Konstantinos Zervas.

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