The 3rd seminar of European program Erasmus+ ISports

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On Saturday 17 September 2022, the third training seminar in a row was held at the offices of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation online and live, in the framework of the European program Erasmus+in which HVBF participates, entitled ISports "Integrated Approach for the Prevention, Detection and Combat of Sexual Harassment in Sports' - An Integrated Approach to Preventing, Detecting and Combating Sexual Harassment in Sports. Coaches and Technical Advisors of National Teams from all over Greece participated as well as Executives of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation.

The presentation was crowned with great success as the number of participants was large, as they included officials, players of the sport of volleyball, members of the Board of Directors of the Federation, sportsmen, athletes, coaches, referees and journalists.

The aim of the seminar is to educate sports clubs, coaches, sports professionals and athletes on how to prevent, report and respond to incidents of sexual harassment in sports. Also to present the program and its evolution with the main objective of raising awareness about the project and its expected results.

These types of actions develop dialogue between stakeholders and thus there is feedback on structure, content and methodology in order to ensure that the results of the project will achieve the goal that was originally set.

The seminar was coordinated by HVBF  Board member Tasos Paspalas and the foreword was given by Mr. Asterios Patsiaouras, coordinator of the University of Thessaly and head of the Isports program.

Our partners Ila Panagiota Ioakeim and Panagiotis Barlambas, from the scientific association European Republic, presented in detail the evolution of the program, the evidence that exists on the phenomenon and prevention, treatment and general information on Sexual harassment and abuse in sports.

Particularly important is the educational program that will soon be given free of charge to all coaches, athletes, parents, associations and through it there will be a holistic approach and guidance in eliminating and dealing with such incidents.

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