Panathinaikos and AEK said "NO" to any form of harassment

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A message of awareness against any form of harassment was sent at the final of the Women's Hellenic Cup at Arta by the two finalist teams, Panathinaikos and AEK.

Before the first service of the match, the athletes of the two teams, wearing pink and white t-shirts corresponding to the European programs in which HVBF participates (Isports and Whistle), sent their message against sexual and any form of harassment. Panathinaikos and AEK were all photographed together, winning the warm applause and acceptance of the public.

It is reminded that Hellenic Volleyball Federation participates in 2 European programs in the framework of Erasmus+

1)The iSports project main objective is to develop a holistic approach for the protection of young athletes from any form of sexual harassment, empowering sport professionals, young athletes and sport clubs towards sexual harassment detection, prevention, and combat. In this way :"Combating violence and tackling racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport" is directly addressed.

2)Whistle addresses sexual harassment in sports and physical activity, especially verbal sexual harassment (VSH), better known as catcalling. It’s a very common problem but also a very normalized one.

This phenomenon is growing and significantly affects athletes of both genders who no longer feel free to train or do physical activity in public spaces, or even are riven to drop out of sports. Now is the time to make our sports centres safer and more comfortable places for everyone to feel free to exercise.

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