Athens Golden Cup 2023: Τhe integrated package of sports and social actions of a major event

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The Athens Golden Cup has gone down in history, representing an important sporting and social event, and apart from the competitive part, it has also focused attention on issues related to health, education and social awareness.

As in Aristotelous Square, so in Syntagma Square the finals of the official Juniors Tournament were held in the main Athens Golden Cup venue, giving the young athletes the opportunity to compete in a full stand with the Parliament of Greece as a backdrop and to unite the present with the future of the sport in a symbolic coexistence.

Apart from the basic content, which was the racing spectacle at the highest national level, the Athens Golden Cup included a number of thematic activities. Such as the information campaign for the prevention and treatment of skin cancer, as part of the "Make the sun an ally" program of the educational organization Horizons. An initiative dedicated to raising awareness and educating athletes and the public about the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun and the need to protect the skin from solar radiation.

The project is led by international athlete and Federal coach Eugenia Gorcilla and her colleagues, with the valuable contribution of plastic surgeon Dimitris Gritsalis.

In addition, the Athens Golden Cup supported the European WHISTLE programme, which deals with the promotion and treatment of sexual harassment in sport, with a particular focus on verbal harassment. WHISTLE promotes awareness and solidarity in sport, enhancing the safety and well-being of all athletes.

Another very interesting action hosted at the Athens Golden Cup was the matches between the Police and Firefighters' Union teams, both in men and women. Police and Firefighters are among the security associations that are active in the sport of beach volleyball on a permanent basis and had the opportunity to communicate it to the general public, while promoting social messages in their competitive performances. The matches were held before Sunday's finals.

On the very first day of the program, the final games of the General Staff of the Air Force took place, offering the participants the opportunity to compete in Syntagma Square and show off their athletic skills to the audience in the stands. Beach Volley from the Air Force as well giving the mark of the sport's popularity to wider communities and professional teams.

Finally, we should mention the great success of the volunteer program with dozens of children participating in the games despite the adverse weather conditions, and enjoying their contact with the athletes and participating in the draws with rich gifts. Their beautiful smiles were the best answer to every organizational difficulty.

The Hellenic Volleyball Federation, the Municipality of Athens and OPANDA through this rich program of events designed jointly, wanted to strengthen sports culture, health and social awareness. These actions, all of which are indirectly or directly linked to the sport of beach volleyball, were well received and were the main pillars for the success of the Athens Golden Cup 2023.

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