The presentation of the European Whistle (Erasmus+ programme) in Trikala

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The presentation of the European Whistle programme (Erasmus+ programme) in Trikala was successfully completed in a joint event held by the Greek Volleyball Federation and the social club K.E.A.N. (Cell of Alternative Youth Activities).

The European Whistle programme refers to sexual harassment in sport and physical activity, and in particular verbal sexual harassment (VSH), more commonly known as catcalling.

The presentation took place at the Katsimidou Indoor Gym and at the SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT SCIENCE Department of Dietetics and Nutrition in Trikala. Participants were the lecturers of the University of Thessaly S.E.F.A.A. Mr. Asterios Patsiaouras (Head of European Programmes E.O.P.E.), Mr. Homer Vlachos and the team of European programmes of the Federation Eirini Charafia, Katerina Moustaka and Ila Panagiota Ioakeim.

The K.E.A.N. was represented by the Founder and Chairman of the Board Mr. Stavros Milionis and Mrs. Raina Melissinou.

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