Second FIVB Beach Volley Coaches Course


The "FIVB BV COACHES COURSE-LEVEL ONE", the second seminar of the World Volleyball Federation which was hosted in Greece and at the facilities of Triantafyllidis Beach Arena, has ended.

On the last day, HVBF together with her partners from the European Republic, presented to the coaches and athletes who participated in the seminar the European Erasmus Project ISports program on "Erasmus + ISports «Integrated Approach for the Prevention, Detection and Combat of Sexual Harassment in Sports ".

At the end of the seminar, the main speaker and Technical Supervisor of the FIVB, Mr. Jeff Brio, together with the special secretary of the Board of Directors of the Federation Yiannis Veroutis and member Michalis Triantafyllidis handed over the diplomas to the participants, which are awarded to the participants by the International Olympic Committee and the Hellenic Olympic Committee, since the FIVB Course is part of the Olympic Solidarity program.

Finally, the member of the Board of Directors of the Federation, Michalis Triantafyllidis, awarded souvenirs to the organizers of the seminar, specifically to the head speaker of the World Federation, Mr. Jeff Brio, to the representatives of Side Out, Mark Kontopoulos and Alex Sevo, as well as to the representative of the FIVB, Tahamiro Fujino.

"I was very happy to return to Greece for the FIVB seminar, as my first experience three years ago was very good. This year the seminar was a little different but everyone responded to its requirements and I think it was successfully completed. The seminar is available for all countries and if there is interest we will go wherever we are asked. Every year we develop it even more and if Greece wants we can establish it every year and grow it" said Jeff Brio.

The member of the Board of Directors of HVBF Michalis Triantafyllidis said at the conclusion of the seminar: "It is a great honour for us, the choice by the Greek and International Federation, Triantafyllidis Beach Arena to host in its facilities - for the second time, in fact - the international training seminar for beach volleyball (FIVB Beach Volleyball Coaches Course). We are very happy to have met the demands of this international seminar and received flattering comments from the FIVB people. It is our wish and desire that the FIVB level 2 international training seminar - under recommendation - will start in Greece".

Mark Kontopoulos and Alex Sevo, who co-founded the Side Out beach volleyball academy in London with Vangelis Koutoulea, said:

"We are happy to be back. The circumstances were a little different, such as the absence of Vangelis Koutouleas, who was the one who started this seminar. We thought we should continue it in his memory and honour his contribution to the sport. Our aim now is to continue his work and develop them even more in Greece and abroad".

About the beach volleyball business in London: "Side Out was founded 11 years ago with Vangelis and our partner Alex Sevo. The growth has been great over the last 2-3 years and we have seen a great increase in children and we now have over 100 in our academy. All this was done with the help of many people, but especially Koutouleas who has made a difference in volleyball and beach volleyball. The profile of the sport has risen and new people have come."

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