The Erasmus+ ISports educational platform is available


Τhe creation of a platform and the collection of educational material on the development of a holistic approach to protect young athletes from all forms of sexual harassment, empowering sports professionals, young athletes and sports clubs to identify, prevent and combat sexual harassment in sports has reached its end.

The European program in which the HELLENIC VOLLEYBALL FEDERATION participated, Erasmus + ISports has been finalized and the platform ( is now available to all concerned citizens, athletes, coaches, parents, etc. to register and start their training free of charge. It is time for everyone in the sporting world to get active in order to minimize these types of incidents in our area.

In the last ISports meeting that was held in Rome, the HVBF was represented by Eirini Charafia Head of Administrative Department of the Federation and Katerina Moustaka from the HVBF Administrative Staff.  

You may register to the ISports training platform at the following link:

 The online training program includes 5 modules:
- Module 1: Definition of sexual harassment
- Module 2: Prevention of sexual harassment
- Module 3: Reporting sexual harassment: Reporting incidents of sexual harassment within sports clubs.
- Module 4: Investigation and corrective action: Establish policies and procedures for responding to a sexual harassment complaint & information about available victim advocacy services.
- Module 5: ISports Mechanism - Case Studies.

At the same time, participating individuals have the opportunity to download the training material, submit comments and questions, and connect with other professionals through the training platform.

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